UE4-StarTrekGame Crash Bug

Game (PC/EpicGames) won´t start due to UE4 issues.

Getting the same LowLevelFatalError all the time and game won´t start.

Not the game day i was hoping for…

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Do you have the latest graphics drivers for your GPU installed?
Just wondering cause “LowLevelFatalError” is often the cause of this.

everything is up to date

What are your system specs and which version of Windows are you playing on?

Win 10 / 19045.2965

Prozessor|Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz
RAM|64.0 GB|
GPU : 3090ti

So you have Windows 10 22H2 May 9th 2023 already.
Your PC is more than sufficient clearly.

I’m sure you verified the games files integrity already.
You could try compatibility mode.
I think though that it might be specific bugs related to the game.
You might have to wait for a patch.

reinstalled twice now. Never play on patch or release day. But its ok. I am sure there will be a patch soon. Good things can wait… a little. Thanks mate

I agree with that but for some games we still make that same stupid mistake even though we know better :laughing:

No problem.
I wish I would have been able to help you.
Let’s hope it gets patched fast and good.

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Same issue here on the ROG Ally, @hermann.vorwerg … Did you ever solve your issue?

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its sad to say but no, i reinstalled the game multiple times, as well as the unreal engine. All my drivers up to date… even got a pirated version just to see whats what… same issue.

This happens on both a Steam Deck and an Ally for me as well, even after the patch. No fix in sight.

Just wondered whether there was ever any fix for this issue? I waited a fair while to get the game, really excited to play it and have found this error while trying to start it. I get graphical glitches through most of the intro sequence, which really build up when it gets as far as showing the crew in the shuttle (on the couple of occasions it’s actually made it that far), then it crashes.