Favourite Star Trek game to Stardate

Lets talk Star Trek games. There have been so many over the years in so many varieties.

I was never lucky enough to have a PC when I was younger that would run games so I was reatricted to console games.

I have played a lot of Star Trek games though and my favourite is probably Starfleet Academy on the SNES and Sega 32X

I thought this would be a great open topic while we wait on this game to release


Star Trek Generations by Microprose


I played a bit of TNG Final Unity which I enjoyed until I got to one part which I just couldn’t figure out. Really wanted to play DS9 Harbinger but never got my PC to run it properly for some reason.

I know a lot of people were dissapointed by it, but I actually really enjoyed the Kelvin Star Trek game on the PS3 when that came out.


I only had a PSOne as a kid, so when Star Trek: Invasion came out around 1999, it was a HUGE deal. The Valkyrie fighters from it recently showed up in STO, actually. Eventually I hit a brick wall in it and couldn’t get past one certain mission, but thank God for those days and cheat books with codes! :laughing: You were a fighter pilot on a ship called the Typhon under the command of Worf, investigating why some captain had gone off the rails and reawakened some unknown alien species, who ended up being the Hur’q.

Then on PS2, we had the port of the first Elite Force, of which MANY hours was poured into. I remember losing my mind when I got to the Scavenger base, and part of it ended up being an old Terran Constitution-class ship. One of the NPCs onboard it used Alexandria Monroe’s face, which was a cool easter egg. I also had multiple save files for each section where you got to explore Voyager, just so I could go back to them whenever I wanted. My favourite was getting beamed back to Sickbay after a mission, and the Doctor scanning you and others, while he absentmindedly sang “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

Bethesda held the license for a brief period then, and we got Encounters and Conquest in the later years of the PS2 era, sort of consolation prizes while the PC, PS3 and 360 got Legacy (which I never played).

I played the much maligned PS3 game with Chris Pine and Quinto. It was OK… I remember parts of it desperately trying to be stealthy, but Spock’s AI was so daft, he’d just walk in front of Gorn and it constantly turned into a firefight. Seemed to remember it too that the retconned the Gorn into being from another dimension or something? However, I did enjoy the levels where you go to explore the Enterprise, cos I’ve always loved games where you get to explore parts of the ships you never get to see on TV. And that game has a KILLER soundtrack from Michael Giacchino’s assistant.

Then STO, which I have poured thousands of hours into it across PC and PS4. I know some find it to be a controversial game, but they do care about the franchise. And honestly, I’ve preferred some of their story choices as to the post-Nemesis era than what’s ended up on screen. I LOVED their TOS/Temporal Agent expansion, and tying up the Temporal Cold War with other time travellers like the Vorgons and the Krenim. They’ve a really beautiful recreation of DS9 in the game for the past few years, and it’s top notch. It’s worth just checking it out for that, just to walk around it and take it all in. And it’s twinged with some sadness now, but a gift to have Aron and Rene come back for what turned out to be their final performances as Nog and Odo.

I played some PC games when we had the old giant desktop everyone had in the 90s and 00s, but I was never that good at them. The first two Starfleet Commands, Away Team (which I could never figure out how to get past the Romulan base in the third or fourth level), Hidden Enemy, New Worlds, Armada… I wasn’t too bad at Hidden Enemy, but Generations was probably the one I was the best at. Lot of them were strategy games, and I was not a patient enough teenager to deal with stuff like that!

I remember being on holiday once for a few days up the county, and buying A Final Unity in a secondhand bookstore on our last day away. Came home, opened up the case, and it was just the second disk of Klingon Academy that was inside of it! God, was I pissed off.


I had a great time with Elite Force & Elite Force II back in the day.
Who doesn’t wanna go after the Borg!
Long time ago, so specifics elude me, but it was really engaging for its day.


I keep staring at Star Trek Online when I search the PS store for Resurgence.
I’m assume it’s not amazing, or I would’ve heard from somebody, but is it semi-fun?

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It wasn’t trying to tractor a runabout out of a nebula was it?

I enjoyed it up to that point, but I found it so hard it ruined the game for me :laughing::laughing:

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@jivesucka STO depends on how much you like RPGs. Just play through the story and you’ll be top level in no time, like within a week at most. By that time, you should have a fair grasp on the game. Could always ask in zone chat on Earth Spacedock, usually there’s always so pro who’s willing to help out a new player. And hey, it’s free and won’t cost you a penny (unless you choose to spend money on it). Worth a shot for that alone, IMO.

@MadeIndescribable I honestly can’t remember what the mission was! Been a very long time since I played it on the PS2. Do remember a curse of a level early on with Bajoran colony ships, and they’d inevitably get blown up through crossfire, and failing the mission.


Man… I’ve apparently been at this a long time…

My favorite Star Trek game is the 25th Anniversary game by Interplay on DOS.

My friend and I played the version with original cast voice recordings.

Unfortunately, we could never beat the final space battle… so I’ve never seen the true finale.

[edit] Also, I REALLY like Star Trek Bridge Crew. I just can’t convince my gaming group to all A- buy into VR, and B- like Star Trek :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a bad fan cos I TOTALLY forgot about Shattered Universe on the PS2 from summer 2006. It was a Mirror Universe game, the Excelsior gets transported there while trying to rescue the Enterprise-A under the command of Chekov. There you go up against MU versions of the M5, Doomsday Machine, Balok & the Fesarius and the giant space amoeba from The Immunity Syndrome.

It was a fairly cheap game, made using assests from the Starfleet Command games. You were an unnamed shuttle pilot who now becomes a fighter pilot in various Terran, Klingon, Romulan and Orion fighters.

I remember reading an interview with the developers before it came out, saying there was a point in the game where you could lose. But! You could then use a space based version of the Guardian of Forever to travel back in time. It must’ve been cut from the game before release, because I never ever encountered it.


I think I tried that one but never really got the hang of it and kept being blown up more times than the Bozeman. Same with Tactical Assault for the DS.

The cases still look nice on my shelf though (or at least it did before I moved and had to out everything into boxes…)


Another one I played! My sister had a DS at the time and she lent it to me over Christmas one year to play it. Think I used cheats to get forward in it though! :joy:


Can’t blame you at all :laughing:

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STO, Elite Force and Armada were my favourites. But I loved Birth of the Federation and The Dominion Wars too.


The one were you fight Darth Vader.

I remember i got a demo disk and it blew my teenage mind away! So fondly remember A Final Unity and the TNG game for Genesis. Forget what its called!

My first and favourite Star Trek game was Elite Force. I played it on both PC and PS2. I particularly liked the expansion pack that came with the PC version because I liked just exploring Voyager. That game helped me remember what decks everything was on, which was lots of fun.

I never knew Elite Force II existed until long after that ship sailed, so sadly I missed out on that.

The next games I played were Encounters and Conquest, neither of which I liked.

When Star Trek Online came out, I was very excited, up until the point I found it was subscription based, which ruled it out for me. I got excited again when it became free to play, only to find out that it wasn’t compatible with my computer. It then came on PS4, but I didn’t have one at the time. When I finally got a PS4, I started the game only to get stuck on the tutorial because I found the mechanic of steering the ship tricky. I left it for a few years and tried again at the beginning of this year. I had no problem with the tutorial this time (either it had been updated or i was just being thick the first time round) and really enjoy it.

I love the Prodigy game Supernova, but I think Resurgence, while not topping Elite Force, comes in a strong second for my favourite Trek game.

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Oh and don’t forget Starfleet Command III at early 2000’s LAN parties. Cloaking in and out with a few disruptor blasts when two of my friends are locked in a death grip with their wank customised Miranda Class ships. Ah those were the days. So much beer, so much “you’re cheating” haha

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@Lesser-Spotted_Trill, STO have updated their 2409 tutorial many times now. I think we’re on the fourth incarnation now? The first one on PC had Quinto as a Vulcan EMH, but his role is basically a tiny cameo in all future versions. Second version was the first one I played, but don’t recall it having a BIG name involved. Third one was rescuing Quark and a lot of Nog. Now Nog has gone the way of Quinto’s EMH for the tutorial, and Admiral Janeway now runs the bulk of the tutorial that came out last year.

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Never been into Star Trek games since I only played this and STO so far. But this one is my favorite so far due to the story.