Will there be a German voice output?

Does the version in the Epic Games Store already have German subtitles? Unfortunately I couldn’t find any official information.

I can only say german subtitles on PS5 work well, love the game <3

They didn’t! The subtitles are perfect :slight_smile:

I totally agree, the subtitles are really good. The first time I played it through, I only played it in English and thought it was good. In the second playthrough, now with German subtitles, I got even more out of the game. Overall a fantastic Star Trek game, I would say a fantastic Starfleet game. A German voice output would of course be perfect, but I personally don’t necessarily need it.

I think there might be.

ich hoffe es kommt und auch noch mehr spiele da von der hammer !!! kommt denn noch ein teil ??

wäre megaaaaa und dlcs wären megaaaaaa