Where exactly does this game take place?

Might sound like a weird question, and I might have got things wrong, but bare with me.

The space station and Hotari (both close enough to be affected by the same ion storm) are out towards the frontier right? And the Tkon planet where they meet Portal (site of first official first contact with Ferengi) is in a region of space that’s only really been explored within the last 15 years as well. And then the Resolute follows the Tkon traveling towards the edge of the galaxy.

But when Spock leaves he says the nearest outpost is Andoria, which is one of the founding UFP member planets, and is located right in the heart of UFP space??

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Yeah, I noticed that too in my second playthrough. Jara says Starbase 128 is at the edge of the frontier or something, presumably she means the edge of UFP territory. The Hotari and Alydians aren’t in the Federation, so their respective spaces are beyond that in “international waters,” so to speak.

I checked Memory Alpha, and it says in the apocrypha section on the page for Delphi Ardu IV is in the Alpha Quadrant, which would make sense if it’s around the Ferengi Alliance’s sphere of influence. So I am taking it that the game takes place in the AQ. So really, Spock should’ve gone to somewhere like Trill or Betazoid to contact the Federation, he could even have just gone to DS9 and called from Ops instead of going all the way to Andoria!

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