When is the digital PS5 version available?

I purchased this game when I heard about the free upgrade and have been waiting for almost a month for the native PS5 version so I can play my first playthrough. I’m confused, this site says Oct 6th, Best Buy and Walmart say Oct 27th for the physical release and no where does it say when the digital upgrade is available :person_shrugging:
Can we get an update?

Thank you


I second this question…also wondering what the difference is going to be between the PS4 and PS5 versions.

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Looks like it just got answered on twitter - PS5 digital will come out same day as physical! :+1:


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I didn’t see anything on Twitter when I clicked on the link? Guess I’ll just wait and see. Kinda disappointed no one from the dev team answered my question. Not impressed

I just added my free PS5 upgrade to my library and am downloading it now. I also got a message saying that my physical pre-order will be arriving today (27th Oct).