Too many humans

Great that at least one playable character wasn’t a human, but did anyone else want a lot more non-human NPCs on the crew?

All these wonderful species to choose from and studios keep picking the equivalent of beige.

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New studio, so I imagine it’s a cost saving measure to use the bog standard humanoid form for the Resolute crew and just change their skin colours/tone. No point in creating code for the antennas of one Andorian or the bumpy foreheads and craniums of species like Klingons or Ferengi. Maybe next time?


Humans have always been, and will always be, the predominant species in Starfleet. That’s been established repeatedly in canon.

And yes, I know, that’s primarily because makeup and prosthetics costs production money, and budgets are a thing.

Yeah I also hoped for more diversity, especially since it can be mentioned as a key factor of the federation at some point in the story.

I really want to see Federation Klingons like Worf and K’Ehleyr in the next game, as they are kind of “outsiders” but still integrated.

I also want to see what happened to Melora Pazlar and her issues and how she overcame them.
Or maybe a nice micro-gravity scene somewhere, where she excels.

I thought this as well. I love how The Animated Series and Lower Decks make the most of the animated media, and are able to overcome things like make-up budgets which @rcslyman mentioned, and was hoping the same would happen here. Here’s hoping for the next installment though.

@Nemo, in the novels Pazlar is chief science officer of the Titan, and has a variety of ways of getting around and interacting with the crew.

Also, the Titan is specifically designed to have the broadest crew, and is the Starfleet ship with the lowest % of humans.