This is pure Star Trek (And I freakin' Love it)

I learned to love Star Trek late in life. I started with Voyager in 2015. Then went through all the classics, the modern shows/movies as well. I consumed just about every piece of Star Trek media out there and I have adored the vast majority of it.

I can say after a couple of hours playing this game, that it is truly understands the essence of what Star Trek should be. Everything about this game makes me love it a bit more.

The writers, artists, and the devs have done a magnificent job creating something that makes me feel so involved and responsible for my actions, and the results they can have on this universe.

I could rant for an eternity, but I wanted to give my thanks to all those involved creating this gattang masterpiece.


Oui c’est vraiment un jeu qui reprend les codes de Star Trek. Ce qui est intéressant également c’est la découverte de nouveaux personnages principaux en lieu est place de PIKE, PICARD et Kirk.

Etant dans l’impossibilité de finir le jeu actuellement je ne peux pas encore affirmer si Jara Rydek mérite un développement autre que ce jeu.

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Absolute Zustimmung. Es fĂĽhlt sich heimisch an, wenn man mit TNG aufgewachsen ist :bridge_at_night: :milky_way: :artificial_satellite: :ringer_planet: :milky_way:

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Star Trek’s enduring spirit shines through in the game, a testament to the dedication of its creators.

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