This game has been abandoned by the devs!

It really felt like they were on to something.

Calm down. Would you rather they piss around answering questions and liking comments on the forum than working behind the scenes on the patch? They’re a new studio, this is their first game and they’re a teeny tiny team. Give them a chance, for heaven’s sake. They can either answer the samr questions that asked on the forum every day, or work on the patch. Leave them be and try and have some patience for them.


I totally agree, they have a great game and its been recieved mostly with praise, it be so stupid to abandon it and destroy the good will they made so early on… give them time to do what they need to do.

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Well, with their poor sales figures on Epic, I can see why… why they signed for an Epic Games exclusive is really beyond me. I won’t be buying it unless it’s on Steam, that’s for sure.