Stuck In T'Kon cave on Tau

I’ve scanned everything, I’ve interacted with everything, I’ve spoken to the NPC until I have no more options to talk to her and now I’m trapped in this cavern with no way to get out… Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The game itself is giving me no direction.


Hey there. Go back up to the left side wing. There is a crystal on the floor in the furthest alcove that is easy to miss.

We’re looking into a small tweak to tricorder exploration to help with this.


Same here talk to everyone and I’m stuck inside the cave there nothing I can do except scan the cave but you can’t fire at anything with in range or scan with in range. Please help. Is on The Last Guardian mission I’m stuck on inside the cave.

If it’s the cave in the mining facility: walk the left path where you find the crystal on the wall, if you go to the outer right chamber you will find a broken crystal lying on the ground - I’ve also missed it multiple times. You have to scan it to trigger the next event. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I wish the four green lights on the tricorder would lead you to the broken crystal. It’s too easy to miss.

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I’ve looked in the right side room all over and cannot find the crystal. I too am stuck in the cave

I had to check a playthrough video to find it. There are 3 rooms filled with diamond shaped insets. One is lit up and tells you it’s filled with complex data/possible life form. The other 2 are dark. On the floor in one of them is a cuboid.

The room with the lifeforms is the left room. Still cant find the cuboid in the right room

Cmon little help. This is getting very annoying. Tell me hiw to refund this then

Got stuck on same spot, found a walkthrough though

Very helpful

Is this what you’re looking for?

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I had to use a walkthrough to find this as well. It would be nice if the “bleeping” that says you have something to scan wouldn’t continue to bleep when you’ve already scanned everything. Also, the fact that this tiny spot is just that ‘tiny’ makes the tricorder scanning the worst part of this game. I’m colorblind (apparently a special blue/yellow kind) and having to seen the subtle differences in what items are scannable and what are not makes scanning very difficult.

I hope the developer actually reads these comments and can make changes because this is the first type of this game I have ever wanted to finish completely. I really really enjoyed the story and the various dialogue options I was given. I just hated that the minigames felt very tacked on out of desire to make you do stuff other than QTEs or quick dialogue choices. If you are going to make me hit the button to open the panel, do something when I wait and don’t hit anything like in a later fight in the game where a NPC had a quick “why don’t you try and stop them?” moment when I didn’t hit anyone successfully.