Star Trek Resurgence - Title speaks for itself

Whoever came up with the title for this game were prophetic or at least extremely confident that this game would deliver.

To the developers - thank you. Thank you for bringing Star Trek back. This is the Star Trek I know and love.

This game completely took me by surprise. It wasn’t on my scanners and even when I noticed it’s faint echo, I just assumed that it would be unremarkable.

I was never a fan of the Telltale type of game, favouring more PoV immersion and control in first or third person games. This though, works very well.

I grabbed the demo from steam and went in cold, but very quickly I recognised that this game was put together in the spirit and vision of Star Trek. I’m especially pleased that it takes place within what I deem the golden era of Trek (1987-2001).
Not only does it look like Star Trek but it feels like it too. Both the interactive sequences and environments drip with lore and great attention to detail. The tricorder is both fun and about as Star Trekky as you can get and is really well implemented as a way of investigating, problem fixing and puzzle solving.

I’ve not played a massive amount yet but felt compelled to write my thoughts down about the game. There have been a lot of great Star Trek games and this one is certainly up there with them.
Like many others, I’m really hoping that this will pave the way for more content or possibly even more games in this formula.

As an artist working in the games industry I almost feel sad that I didn’t get to work on a dream project like this. You can tell that this was a labour of love for some very devoted Star Trek fans.

I would close by saying this: the only issue I have with this game is that it really makes me want to play a super immersive Starfleet Officer sim where I can walk around a ship carrying out maintenance tasks, exploring new anomalies, finding solutions to difficult scenarios and patrol for Pakled pirates in a career mode!
Maybe there’s one thing that the developers could do? Maybe they could add a first person perspective mode for more immersion?!

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