Star Trek: Resurgence (Future Expantions and content)

Are there gonna be any DLC + Expantions? because in my opinon this game could make for a great live service model with new stories and missions to really make the the crew of the USS Resolute come to life.


No, nothing else for now. Says on the FAQ page that there’s no DLC or microtransactions for the game.

I believe a lot of us on here would agree with you. Myself I would like to see this myself, but like the other person said there’s nothing we currently know about.

I mean, I would hope that when Dramatic Labs pitched The Powers That Be for the license, they talked about this being a long term deal and partnership.

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Yeah, there won’t be anything added to this Resurgence game itself, but I’m sure there will be plenty of other games to come in the Resurgence series (in whatever form that may take)

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If Paramount or CBS is going to make another Animated CG series, Star Trek: Resolute would be the perfect title. I don’t see why the DLC would work for the game because it would not fit into the story. But if this was going to be adapted into an animation, I would go for it.