[Spoilers] Transporter Event SPOILERS!

What did you guys do? Did you save Bedrosian or complete the transport. The writers did a good job with making it a no win scenario. Your crew or people you barely even know?

Side note, does Bedrosian hate you forever, or can you salvage your relationship?

I completed transport. It is possible to do damage control with your relationship with Bedrosian, but I’m not sure what level you can build it up to again. I.E. I’m not sure if you can gain a green positive final result or if the best is a yellow neutral. I only managed to get her to yellow neutral, but that’s because I continued to do and mixture of things she did and didn’t like.

I ended up with a blind Bedrosian, but managed to salvage the relationship when I talked to her in Sickbay, and confided in her about suspicious goings on later in the game (if you know, you know).

Spoilers for later in the game:

However when I beamed up all the Tkon receptacles, she went off the wall at me, and tended her resignation from the Resolute. When I said I didn’t accept it, Bedrosian said she expected as much and had already filed the paperwork with Starfleet Command. As a result, I only has Westbrook and Urmott to choose from for the new XO. Which resulted in Urmott getting pissed off at me then. Michael Burnham never had these problems when she mutinied…

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Captain’s Log,
Lt Bedrosian has tendered her resignation from this ship and from Starfleet. Bedrosian is a good tactical officer. She is fearless and not afraid to voice her opinion; a trait I value in the officers under my command. Unfortunately, Bedrosian’s opinions often lead her to clashing with the chain off command, bordering on insubordination. I’m also concerned that some of her opinions are antithetical to what Starfleet upholds. As Starfleet officer’s we have a duty to seek out new life and new civilizations…not destroy them. And when an enemy surrenders, we are obligated to give quarter. An enemy today, may be an ally tomorrow. The Klingons and Romulans are a testament to that fact. I hope that, given time away from the uniform, Bedrosian will reflect on and reconcile her views. For now, the Resolute must voyage on without her. End log entry.

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She also resigned from my Resolute as well, but even though I accepted her resignation (hey, she’s got her reasons for her decisions just as much as I have mine) she later came back to the bridge during the firefight with the Scion, although made it VERY clear she only did so for the ship and the crew, NOT for me.

Same here. She resigned.

And my choices were:

  • I went with the transport option
  • transported the pods
  • spared the crew

To tell You the truth , I think this crew should never be put on the bridge of a federation starship not mentioning two of them got three pips. We have two princesses (no promotion = feels betrayed and pissed or asking for transfer) and a “mirror universe psychopath” (kill everyone!). Ok. I know not every starfleet ofiicer can be Data , LaForge or Riker but looks like we have three Hobsons on the bridge.


I just finished my second playthrough. This time I saved Bedrosian instead of the Alydian transport, but it doesn’t really make a difference as to whether she stays or resigns. If you choose to save the Tkon vault she will resign whether you spared her sight or not. I assume that means if you destroy the vault, she will remain whether you rescued her or not.

I choose to save the crew. Bedrosian doesn’t hate you, after you meet her in sickbay she says she doesn’t hate you for letting he complete the transport. She says it was her duty and it was the right thing to do. Later in the game letting her get hurt can affect other things like how much she’s willing to do for you until she leaves.

That bit stuck out to me. I immediately checked the relationship tracker and it says she may never forgive you for this, but very next scene in sickbay she says it’s ok for all the obvious reasons of saving lives, duty, etc.

Then later in the game she throws it back in your face. Couldn’t tell if writers were intentionally doing a flawed character moment or just being inconsistent.

Yeah, that happened on my second playthrough too. Seems like saving the Tkon crystals is her breaking point, no matter how you treat her at any stage before that.