So what is Story Mode? Stuck again and bored as hell

Well, Diaz is stuck trying to lure Tloks toward control consoles so he can “set” three of them to shut down the Tlok ship’s huge vertical glowing power whatevers. He keeps getting killed. I keep choosing Story mode, where I’ve read on the forum will get you through the battle alive.

Sadly, I’m one of the Trek fans who have enjoyed watching this story unfold while interacting via plot choices. Not a POV shoot fan at all. If I could set something in Settings that would allow throughput rather than, to me, the ridiculous scoot’em shoot’em sequences, I surely would opt for that.

Any like souls out there who have found some way around these “got to be quick” roadblocks like the one Diaz appears terminally stuck in?

I have found help in very useful YouTube videos, however not for Diaz’s current situation aboard the big Tlok vessel.

I also found a six hour play through that I may just have to be content with.

I have written the game creators with requests for clarification of the story mode, but have never received even an acknowledgement.

Game intent: A+
Game play other than these roadblocks: A+
Game play roadblocks via Story Mode: Fail F