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Under my choices there’s a duplicate or mistake. I have one that says “Chose to let Itasca die aboard the Xeldi” You and 91% of players. It has a picture of Lieutenant Bedrosian with a phaser. The next one says “Chose to save Itasca’s life aboard the Xeldi” You and 47% of players. Seems counter to one another mistake mistype please correct this.

I think I figured this may be a mistype and should say Sidron instead of Itasca. It should also say let live. I think this whole things messed up but I’m basing this off the screenshot provided behind the description.

Could the site have a dedicated area for Bugs and Issue currently it’s just one big mess. Along with an easy search feature for bugs.

Hey there, sorry for that.

@MadeIndescribable already reported that one and the team is currently working on a new update to the site that will fix that one on the next day or two.

Well, we do have this site feedback category.

I guess reporting site problems as topics in this category works fine for the team.

Thanks for your efforts on reporting all this stuff.

We will let you know when the new version is out.

Hey there @DarkMyth!

That bug was just fixed.

You can find that and a fix on the “Which First Officer did you chose?” card calculation so you will see new numbers there.


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Thanks, now it makes more sense.

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