Ship 'free roam' mode

Just finished my first play-through. I’ve fallen in love with the ship and crew and will be sad to leave them behind. I know it’s been stated that there will be no additional content, but still wanted to suggest a ‘free roam’ option (perhaps unlocked once you’ve finished the game) for if there is ever any further development.

It would be really nice to be able to just sit in the captain’s chair and watch the bridge crew you ended up with at work, grab a drink from your ready room, pay a visit to engineering etc.

The environments are already made - so it’d just be a case of letting us move between them (even if it’s just clicking a door and choosing an option to teleport to).

I’ve spent countless hours just chilling in my ship interior in STO, or exploring the various Enterprise simulators over the years. Would love to do the same with the Resolute.


I would love to have a free roam of the ship. It’s the dream.

I also mentioned it before: I would like to have an “Off Duty” mode to socialize with the crew more. While I like the story, I always felt chased through it from scene to scene, without a possibility to take a break and reflect about things.

Remember how often Picard in TNG Series and Movies was pondering the next steps, walking through the ship, visiting the holodeck or the bar, getting advice from Guinan or Troy. Or how often Geordi hung out with Data as his closest friend discussing personal issues away from main engineering.

Remember “Virtual Voyager” from Star Trek Elite Force, where you could walk around and explore the ship and interact with the crew? No mission, no danger, just you and the ship. It would be great to have something similar for Resurgence, where you get to explore the Resolute.


We didn’t get that mode on PS2, and I’m still sad about it, twenty years later.