Save System Frustrations

I’m loving the game so far and am very grateful to the developers. I want this game to succeed and I’ll be preaching its greatness.

But the one thing that’s really an issue for me is the save system.
I’ve found no manual save option and the granularity of the auto-save points is way too broad.
I’m a busy guy with a job and a family. Sometimes I can only play games in small chunks of time.
I had 20 minutes to play before work this morning and spent half of it sitting through content I’d already seen yesterday. The low save granularity combined with the inability to skip cut-scenes I’ve already seen led to some real frustration.

At this point, I’m guessing that the game saves whenever we see a new named chapter appear on screen, which leaves me hesitant to fire up the game unless I know I have a large chunk of time I can invest. (which can be difficult to find in a family of 4 who all want their turn on the PS4 and TV)

But I’m loving what little I’ve experienced so far and can’t wait to continue this story.


This is a real issue for me, too. I wish I had the time to play in large chunks, but I just don’t.


Same, combined with no confirmation screen of lost progress when going to the menu you can lose time accidentally as well. I stopped playing after 40 minutes because of this. I’ve set a timer to remind me to refund the purchase on epic game store if these problems are not acknowledge and steps outlined on how they will address the problems by the developers in the next 12 days.

I am also confused with the save mechanic. I assume new chapters are save points, BUT I am fairly certain it started a chapter behind today. I did have a crash on the previous play though. Just want to know what the settings are.

The game will have a “save” icon in the lower right when it’s saving. I’ll try to get a screenshot of it to add to this post.

I went back and scrubbed some video and found the icon. It is very quick and only seems to happen between chapters.

Thanks @major10719 and @Jellico
Now that it’s been pointed out I am starting to notice the icon.
While I would still prefer more frequent save points, I can at least now have some confidence that when I leave the game, my progress is saved.

Yeah I am a grown up person with a full time job and obligations, I need to save when I need to save, not when the game thinks it’s ok.
Not being able to skip cutscenes is a big nogo for already seen content. Seriously thinking of refunding.

Totally fine with a checkpoint save system but I do agree we need a hard save upon exit option. This isn’t the type of game people would save scum so i see no harm in it

Well here it is in mid-September, new player using what may be Patch 1.1 (though Epic still calls it 1.01), reliving my horror at finding no player-induced save system, as I read the above from late May. Has no one commented on the save system in the last 3 or 4 months?
I have written a couple of memos to the game creators, but have received no response. Lovely, right?
If you happen to be here as a fellow new player looking for “save” relief, I have seen via independent Bing searches a suggestion to find where ST-R is saving actual games files and copy them as a work-around, but have had no success with that myself.
Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play? Well, I have to say, this is truly a wondrous ride into what can be done with Unreal Engine and a solid understanding of the Trek universe. Best game ever, sadly fairly ruined by the absense of a real game saver.

Small bit of relief to the save restrictions. This allows use of the PC for other work / play, as well as powering up the PC and continuing where you left off. All of this is obvious, but we’re working with what we have, right?

  1. Create a new Desktop via the button to left of the Taskbar Search box.
  2. Use it exclusively for ST Resurgence.
  3. Play the game as long as you like, perhaps even playing past an auto-save or two (short-lived auto-save box and arrow animation at lower right of screen…there’s also a ST badge with quick dots stream down there, may simply be loading things…)
  4. When done for now, pause via Space Bar (safest).
  5. Switch desktops via Windows-Key-Tab, select your main desk with left arrow Key and Enter or the mouse and click. You’ll get your Task Bar back along with your main desktop.
  6. When its time to say goodnight and power down, use the Hibernate power option. If its missing from your power button choices, the following will add it.

Adding Hibernate Choice to Power Button:

  1. Probably the best option is to click the Windows icon to left of TaskBar Search box, type in “cmd.exe”, click the Run as Administrator option to the right.
  2. In the command window type “powercfg.exe /hibernate on” and Enter. To turn it off, use “powercfg.exe /hibernate off”.

When you next power up, that other desktop you set up will contain your paused game. Click RESUME and continue.

Well, it’s something, anyway. Happy playing. It really is a superb outing, isn’t it?

Just picked this game up during the Epic Christmas Sale. Was really excited to play. But I had to jump out of the game for a “Dad moment” and was horrified to come back and see I had to replay the last 30 minutes over again. Not only that, but I couldn’t skip the cutscenes I had already watched.

Like all the above, I’m a busy Dad. I’ve got 15-20 minutes here or there. I appreciate the above advice, but having a separate desktop is equivalent to “Leaving the NES on” overnight. And considering it’s 2024… not good devs, not good.

There HAS to be a Save on Exit option for us. Since this thread is from Mar of 23, I’m assuming they won’t be fixing this anytime soon. So I guess I need to decide if I’m only playing this during dedicated hour-long sessions, or whether I’m refunding. Already refunded Alien: Dark Descent for this very reason.

I hate having to miss out on such great games because of such crummy save systems. Makes me a sad gaming Dad.

I found a couple of the “episodes” to be a bit long, but other than that never had a problem with the save frequency. Although I do wish the saving icon was a bit more prominent because I finished the whole game and never noticed it. I just always quit after I saw a title in quotes on a new scene.

I tried again, had to leave mid-episode for that pesky thing called “Life” and lost my entire game-time’s worth of progress (about 20 minutes). Had to refund. If I’m going to lose all my progress, I’d rather play a rogue-like, where at-least every time I play it’s different. As it is, I’ve got to watch the same cutscenes, play the same mini-game, etc. Sorry devs, but if your core audience are aging Star Trek fans, add a save system that caters to our limited game time.