Retry in Story Mode

Whenever I failed a mini game section, I had the choice to ‘retry’ or ‘retry in story mode’. I always picked ‘retry’ because I didn’t know what story mode was. Did anyone pick this option? What is it? What’s the difference?

I always picked “in story mode”, because I figured I was playing the game largely for the story, but I have to say I have no idea what the difference was either. I’d also be very interested to know.

I also always picked “story mode”. Maybe it means it’s easier? Since the first attempt failed. But that’s my guess only.

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So is just played exactly the same?

Maybe it is the case that the difficulty lowered. I’ve started my second playthrough, so if I fail and of the mini games again I’ll try story mode and see if I notice a difference.

Only thing I’ve noticed differently is a small Starfleet logo with a blue shield over it. No idea what it means.

In phaser battles you are not getting any damage in story more, nor does your team. But i do not understand how it helps in stealth missions because they do also see you as far as i have tested. Would be great if you become invisible, because i really dont like those missions, mainly playing for the story.

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The shield must indicate that you are protected.

@marc thank you for that. I’m glad I didn’t use Story Mode for my first playthrough as it wasn’t especially challenging, but at the same time satisfying enough when I succeeded after a reattempt. It will, however, come in handy for a speedier second playthrough.

I actually enjoed the stealth sections. There was one section with Carter, where I kept getting caught, and I really liked figuring out the best route to take to get past all the guards. I can definitely understand not liking them though, because the story is really what we are all here for.

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Well, if I’m not getting any damage in story mode, how come I keep getting the rest screen? The three tries keep showing up, 3 strikes is still a fail, and still having start…the…entire…sequence…over…again. For a story mode, it appears endlessly repetitive, and frankly boring. And yeah, what does the shield mean? I do have better luck with the mouse over a controller, as aiming is much improved.

Is the shield logo in the corner of the screen when you are getting the strikes? If so, that shouldn’t be happening. It also shouldn’t take longer in story mode than normal mode as it never did for me. Is this happening for all your phaser fight sequences or a specific one? There is one section near the end of the game where you are in a phaser fight while on a shuttle that Portal is flying. This sequence also has a timer on it, so you even if you are in story mode you will still fail if the timer runs out. That scene can also cause some issues with how long the battle goes on for if you are not firing in exactly the right spots. Sometimes I had that section go on for ages until timer ran our because I was apparently not hitting the right thing. Then all of a sudden, I redid that section and it was over in seconds although I couldn’t figure out what I had done differently.

If it’s not that section then I don’t know what the issue is. I’m on console, not PC, so maybe it is a PC issue?

You’re right, of course, L-S_T. Thanks!

The one I was having “fun” with was on board the A ship in the “transformer” room with all the catwalks and those exploding canisters. I save game files so that I can place an entry point into one of the three Play Continue portals, so I’ve replayed that sequence and, sure enough, there are no “3 strikes” symbols in Story mode, yet I kept failing, so yeah, must be a timer.

I’m on a PC, and did discover that two interactions work with much better control using mouse/keyboard rather than controller: 1. those annoying “keep the symbol in the orange until the circle is drawn” barriers, and 2. aiming/firing a phaser…the aiming is much more accurate with the mouse than with a controller’s joystick, at least that’s been my experience.

FYI, if you’re not familiar with it, games are saved at Users(you)\AppData\Local\StarTrekGame\Saved. I save the Saved folder on another drive in a date-named folder, such as “2023.11.22-1 All I Ask is a Tall Ship 2 Number One 3 General Quarters”, where 1, 2 and 3 are the Continue Portals. I’ve also discovered that I can copy one of the portals like "Saved\SaveGames\EndeavourSlot2.sav to a neutral location, change the name to EndeavourSlot3.sav, and place it in another saved “Saved\SaveGames” folder to arbitrarily create custom Continue Portals. I also save the original to a neutral folder, just in case.

Wouldn’t it be great if Dramatic Labs included a feature like this on their Play/Continue screen? A true “Previous Chapter” would be great as well, especially for those of us who are a little more into the story than getting past road blocks (though I admit I can see the attraction real gaming offers). “Next Chapter” could also be available for previously attained story points. Who knows? Maybe if a few folks suggest such to Dramatic Labs.

BTW, I’ve had that same “all of a sudden, I redid that section and it was over in seconds although I couldn’t figure out what I had done differently” experience. ;-D

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If you go into the options menu, I believe there is an option for controller/camera sensitivity. I’m pretty sure I remember changing the sensitivity in the options when I was playing, and found it helped a lot.

I couple of things I would have liked in the game (after the first play through) include the option to skip some cut scenes, and a chapter select. I think this would have given the game added replayability.

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Absolutely. Get through a chapter, it shows up in your chapter menu, with each chapter entry having a hide setting.

From your lips to God’s ear, right?

I’ll send a couple of suggestions to Dramatic Labs. One can always be hopeful.

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