Retry in Story Mode

Whenever I failed a mini game section, I had the choice to ‘retry’ or ‘retry in story mode’. I always picked ‘retry’ because I didn’t know what story mode was. Did anyone pick this option? What is it? What’s the difference?

I always picked “in story mode”, because I figured I was playing the game largely for the story, but I have to say I have no idea what the difference was either. I’d also be very interested to know.

I also always picked “story mode”. Maybe it means it’s easier? Since the first attempt failed. But that’s my guess only.

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So is just played exactly the same?

Maybe it is the case that the difficulty lowered. I’ve started my second playthrough, so if I fail and of the mini games again I’ll try story mode and see if I notice a difference.

Only thing I’ve noticed differently is a small Starfleet logo with a blue shield over it. No idea what it means.

In phaser battles you are not getting any damage in story more, nor does your team. But i do not understand how it helps in stealth missions because they do also see you as far as i have tested. Would be great if you become invisible, because i really dont like those missions, mainly playing for the story.

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The shield must indicate that you are protected.

@marc thank you for that. I’m glad I didn’t use Story Mode for my first playthrough as it wasn’t especially challenging, but at the same time satisfying enough when I succeeded after a reattempt. It will, however, come in handy for a speedier second playthrough.

I actually enjoed the stealth sections. There was one section with Carter, where I kept getting caught, and I really liked figuring out the best route to take to get past all the guards. I can definitely understand not liking them though, because the story is really what we are all here for.

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