Resurgence STO Bonus

I purchased a physical copy of Resurgence from Walmart that was delivered on the 27th. I still have not received my Star Trek: Online code to redeem on ARC. It was not in the case and Walmart said it is supposed to be emailed from the publisher. When will they be sent out?

I haven’t received mine either. I know it said that the codes are from ‘participating retailers’, but it gave no indication as to which retailers were participating or when/how one would receive them.

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I’m in the same boat. Pre-ordered the physical PS5 copy when it was announced via Amazon. Got my disc yesterday. The case only had the disc in it. No codes. No emails. Where’s the pre-order bonus?

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Replying again here because I have received no follow up. I’ve emailed the developers, followed up with Amazon, and posted here on the forums. I want the pre-order bonus. Where is it?

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I’ve reached out to Dramatic Labs and to Bruner House - no response.

I pre-ordered mine through Amazon for XBOX Series X. I never received any sort of code with it or after it was delivered.

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Hi! @routcomms8 @Lesser-Spotted_Trill @silvera.jason @LordDrakkon

Please check your inbox, I have sent you a message. :vulcan_salute:


Yeah strangely when I received my own from Amazon I didn’t receive any of the preorder bonuses either. Messaged the seller on the site, nothing. Reached out from the game’s main site, nothing. Tried to contact whoever runs the Twitter account, nothing. Been more than a month I know and I’m not mad but more puzzled what happened.

Hi! @Admiral_Snyder please check your inbox :slightly_smiling_face: