Resurgence STO Bonus

I purchased a physical copy of Resurgence from Walmart that was delivered on the 27th. I still have not received my Star Trek: Online code to redeem on ARC. It was not in the case and Walmart said it is supposed to be emailed from the publisher. When will they be sent out?

I haven’t received mine either. I know it said that the codes are from ‘participating retailers’, but it gave no indication as to which retailers were participating or when/how one would receive them.

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I’m in the same boat. Pre-ordered the physical PS5 copy when it was announced via Amazon. Got my disc yesterday. The case only had the disc in it. No codes. No emails. Where’s the pre-order bonus?

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Replying again here because I have received no follow up. I’ve emailed the developers, followed up with Amazon, and posted here on the forums. I want the pre-order bonus. Where is it?

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I’ve reached out to Dramatic Labs and to Bruner House - no response.

I pre-ordered mine through Amazon for XBOX Series X. I never received any sort of code with it or after it was delivered.

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Hi! @routcomms8 @Lesser-Spotted_Trill @silvera.jason @LordDrakkon

Please check your inbox, I have sent you a message. :vulcan_salute: