Resurgence soundtrack

Can we get a bit more info about the music in this game? Star Trek has a long history of amazing composers, like Courage, Goldsmith, Horner, McCarthy, Jones, Chattaway…

Who is composing the music for Resurgence? How many new themes will there be? How many old themes will return? Can we expect live musicians or even a full-on orchestra? Will there be a soundtrack release (best case on CD, or at least as a digital release)?

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A Jerry Goldsmith styled soundtrack would be fantastic.

Looking forward to hearing the games theme.

It would be amazing if it had a show style intro

No idea if this is the finished soundtrack or just temp music, but you might get some idea from these videos. I doubt it’ll be a full orchestral score though, I think the 2013 game with Pine and Quinto is the only one with an orchestra used that I can think of from the top of my head.

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So, getting back to this, any plans to release this soundtrack on Bandcamp or the likes? You’ve gone through the troubles (and expenses) of getting a real orchestra for parts of the soundtrack, so maybe it might make sense to at least make it available outside the game.

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