Resurgence 2 with the original characters in the future please?

Hey new here,

This has probably been posted before, asking for more content, but I just want to add to the interest for more content. I would be mainly interested in seeing another game (or DLC - which has been confirmed to not being planned) involving more stories and missions of the Resolute ship and crew.

Since the end of the original Star Trek universe, ending with the Star Trek Nemesis film. I have been desperate in seeing a new Star Trek series advancing from the same time period. I have given up hope with the “new Discovery universe”, but have found your game to be the new series I have been looking for, feeling like the TV series of old. The characters have been brilliantly written and designed, on par with the actual real actors of the TV series. Jara is my favorite and looks and feels like a believable 1st officer. Being able to stay in control of both the characters in the first game, so we can develop them throughout the overall story would be perfect!

You have really done the franchise and gaming proud!
I thank you for making this game!
Please stop now!


Whoops. I mean please DON’T stop now!

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