Respectfully, could we please get some kind of update on the patch?

Even if it’s just “we’re still working on it”? Anything? I don’t want a refund, I want to play the game, but there has been zero news about this that I can find in the last week.



Me too, I’m also anxiously awaiting the patch. Can’t play with the controls as they are out of the box.


Hey there! For now, the best I can do for ya is indeed “we’re still working on it.”

Our most recent public word on it was here:

Generally speaking, Twitter’s gonna be the best place to watch for new information to be posted as soon as we have a green light to put it out there.

I hope that helps!


It helps! I release date would be nice to have, of course, but I’m sure that’ll be announced as soon as the team can be confident it’s locked in.

Game development is hard, it’s understandable. Thank you for the communication!

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This is brutal, we’ve been waiting for this patch for quite a bit now. Early indications were it may come out last week, which clearly didn’t happen, any kind of new ETA would be appreciated.

Mystified how there has at least not been a PC only hotfix to allow invert of axis, wouldn’t have to be certified by xbox or playstation :\

edit - yeesh i just lost progress because of hitting the escape key in the relationship screen. come on guys, this is ridiculous.


We posted a bit more of an update yesterday:


As a software developer myself, I understand the position you’re in - especially with a small team. (Oddly enough, I’m playing right now and at the place in the game pictured in the Twitter update.) Thankfully, since I’m playing on Xbox, I can pause and switch controller profiles as needed to get the money l inverted y-axis that my brain requires. One tip on that: it’s inverting look works great when I’m walking around, etc, but I have to switch back to normal when solving puzzles.

I’ve also noticed a few weird graphical glitches - like something got stuck in VRAM and glitched onto the screen for a frame or two. :man_shrugging: Not really a big deal for me, though, as I’m able to look past it.

Otherwise, I’m having a blast with the game! This game feels so much like the Star Trek I know and love. I can tell it’s truly a love letter. :love_letter:

Take your time with the patch. However long you need. Get it right and don’t let anyone rush you. If that means I have to play the game a second time to enjoy new decisions with some bugs fixed, well… Wouldn’t that be a shame? :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the update. I assume y’all are monitoring the forum for issues? The game crashes on the ROG Ally (apparently due to an issue with the APU, as one Reddit user reported it worked when connected to an external graphics card).

If there’s an official bug report process, happy to file one!

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Just another voice begging for the patch to be finished. I escaped out of so much early progress I am waiting to continue the game, which stinks because I was really enjoying it. Late is better than never, but I would really like to play it during the summer when I have SOME free time.


Me too. Still waiting; can’t play the game when hitting Esc immediately closes it, and I need inverted controls.**

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Still waiting for the invert y axis option. I cannot play without it. Thanks!

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TBH if I could I would have refunded it by now but it’s not easily possible on ps5.
Not going to buy a game by that company at release ever again and instead grab it with deep discount once it works.
Which sucks because the little I was able to play I enjoyed, felt very Star Treky but releasing a product in that state and then not patching it in a reasonable amount of time is not acceptable. It’s simply not no matter what kind of excuses there are. It’s not ok. It’s not finished.


Inverted controls: fixed! 4K resolution: fixed! Thank you so, so much, @HokutoLucas and the rest of the Dramatic Labs team! I wasn’t just being hyperbolic when I said I couldn’t play without control inversion. I’m now playing my way through the game and getting both the 'Trek feels and the Telltale-Legacy feels. I could not be happier :^)

I’m glad it worked out! :smiley:

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The audio glitches are also fixed now on PS5 ?