Redeeming Pre-order Bonus

I preordered the physical edition at Target and they just sent an email with a preorder bonus code. But I don’t know how to redeem it. It’s too long to be the code for the bonuses in the PS4 version of STO, so I can only assume it’s the code for issue 1 of the comic. But I don’t know where to go to redeem it. If anyone knows where I’m supposed to redeem the code, it’d be appreciated.

Could it be a promo code to use on the playstation website to redeem the STO stuff? If it’s for the comic, I don’t no where where it is to be reclaimed, but maybe it can be used on the IDW publishing website? I haven’t received any codes for the bonus material. I thought maybe they would be on a paper leaflet inside the case with details about reclaiming, but I don’t know as I haven’t unsealed my copy (I’m playing the digital version).