Really struggling with controls 🥲

I am enjoying the game, or at least trying to so far, but I usually play fully inverted (X and Y) axis and I can only invert one. So I’m really having trouble with the controls. I’ve failed pretty much every scenario over and over again because my brain just cannot play with normal X+Y axis. Is there any chance of a patch to fully invert controls or am I out of luck?

P.S I don’t wanna hear about how I suck because I play inverted, it’s how I started 20 years ago and I can’t change that muscle memory sorry.

Im in the same boat. Completely unplayable for me also without x axis invert. It’s 2024 how can anyone make a game without this option.

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I managed to finish the game and I did enjoy it, but definitely the inability to invert controls was deeply frustrating. I want to do another run and make different decisions but the idea of dealing with that frustration again is really putting me off. It got to the point I’d just intentionally fail and die so I could replay in story mode which did take a lot of the fun out. Doesn’t stop the general movement being frustrating though :frowning: I do agree though, it’s 2024 it shouldn’t be an issue putting X+Y inverted controls into a game.