Possibility of a mac port?


Just wondering what the possibilities of a mac port would be?

Now UE has Apple silicon support and the new developer conversion tools that apple recently released that make porting a little easier.



While i cant speak for the devs or anyone have you considered a compatibility layer? I heard apple was releasing their own version of proton to make games convert withiut requiring porting.

That’s nothing the end-user should (or even can) do, the porting kit is for developers of the game.

Thats something the end user can and totally does do with proton on linux. Thats why apple is copying valve and releasing their own compatibility layer to instantly make 1000s of windows games playable on apple systems.

The Toolkit is for developer to help evaluate how much work it would take to Port their Windows Games

Yes, but then you get an unoptimized translated version.

In that case, we could just use crossover($$$) or wine right now.
I run some old games with wine (in cli) on my Mac.
Some work, some don’t.

I am not sure if anyone like to use the terminal. (see video below)

What is your experience with proton?

It might be risky if someone buys the PC version and then find out that the translated version don’t work.


Well, I have tried playing with the gaming toolkit 1.0.2 and it’s ok. It is playable just about. I don’t think you will get much better without a full port regardless of any improvements apple makes to the kit, however it’s not intended for playing games just evaluating performance before starting to port a title.

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