Please make another!

I binged this game and to be perfectly honest, I don’t understand some of the negative reviews I’ve seen. The storyline is compelling, the voice acting is excellent, and the late game visuals are stunning. I feel you do build an emotional attachment to the two characters over the course of the game, and while I wasn’t sure about the split POV to begin with, it certainly pays off.

For what it is, the price point is bang on for me. I understand some may be disheartened by the use of UE4, and the 30FPS cap among other small niggles - but for me I’d rather pay £23(with voucher) to £30 and have a more rounded story and tense choices in areas, with great voice acting than the price be more, or the story suffer. I’ve paid the same price for games with a far shorter length that we’re much less immersive. As the game progressed I was sure I was nearing the end - but the game continued to delve further. My one gripe is I wish we had a Solano resolution, as he’s not seen after he’s taken to the brig.

For the first time in quite a while, there’s an excellent star trek game. There’s call backs to the series, but not so hamfisted that it becomes predictable and cringeworthy. Star Trek lends itself to the choice and consequence style of game so easily that I’m surprised it’s not been done earlier to this level.

The main question is - will there be another?


As a side note after reading other threads - this was on PC :slight_smile:


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Just finished my first playthrough, will definitely be going back to it in a week or so. I was compelled to put in a Support ticket, just so I could send a word of praise to the team:

No problems whatsoever. Just wanted to send a heartfelt word of thanks. Really, it’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve really had a satisfying Star Trek experience. Your team nailed everything wonderful about the source material, and delivered it in a gorgeous, brilliantly paced package.
…Just don’t go adding some weird DRM or NFT shenanigans and I will absolutely come back for whatever future projects you have coming down the pipeline.

Make Way,
Capt. Wyndham


I would imagine myself the negative reviews are PC related, due to all the issues the game is having on that platform compared to the consoles. Have to wonder if some people are sadly review bombing the game cos it isn’t 30 FPS or built for ultrawide monitors and so on. Doesn’t bother me that it’s not as graphically advanced (I’m on PS), because it has a seriously excellent ST story and the voice acting all around is super top notch. Would absolutely love another game like this, with the Resolute or another crew.


I’ve a feeling that a good portion of those negative reviews have nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with… whatever the hell problem everyone seems to have with Epic that I just don’t get. Probably a Harry Potter thing. So whatever with those hatemongers.

Finished a playthrough on PC. Zero problems except one time when Nili was firing a phaser and the cut scene started… and the phaser did not stop the entire cut scene. This is a rather common bug for Unreal, so I wasn’t shocked to see it pop up. Otherwise, damned stellar story. Seriously. This was a fine addition to the Trek franchise, and looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds with different choices.


The story was definitely solid! The voice acting in the game was also great in my opinion. Two very key things that set this game apart from other Star Trek games out there.

The game lacked polish at launch and is still lacking some much needed polish. The PC experience on PC is subpar at best. No support for resolutions higher than 1920X1080 officially and 30 FPS lock takes a lot of away from a fluid experience. You can tell this game was made for a console and the PC version was an after thought. Especially with how poorly optimized this game is! For some, those are definitely legimiate complaints where others might not be bothered by those things.

The story and choices really make this game stand out! Although the choices have very little impact on the story as a whole. They at least feel meaningful enough, at least to me, to add an element to the game that most games just avoid. The characters feel like they have personality thanks to their excellently written lines accompanied with great voice actors. The puzzles range from very easy to kind of annoying. I agree that the Transporter puzzles get annoying as there is no real direction in what you are looking for. Once figured out, they are fairly easy to nail. The Tricorder scanning parts of the game need an option to toggle on a beam or something to direct you to the items you need to scan. Some very small objects are not always easy to target and can result in spending a lot of time on something that should be more obvious.

I wish there were more options to choose from for a First Officer. The Petty Officer Trill character would ultimately have been my choice, if she was an option. I would have also chosen the Ensign you meet when you are at security to check in to board the Resolute over the three options (I only had two from my first play through) I had for choices. The ability to promote and demote characters would have been a nice touch as well. There were a couple of times I felt a character deserved a bump in rank for their performance. Westbrook’s temper tantrum (in my first play through) should have given me the option to bust him back down to Lt. Commander or maybe even Lieutenent. This option could also be a way to slightly sway the card system of each supporting character in to their opinion being more favorable or less favorable of you depending on whether you promote or demote them.

I think the devs found the right balance for the most part in offering a variety of tasks to keep the player from getting bored of doing the same thing over and over. I do think the option to sneak up and choke an ememy out through a struggle mini game or the ability to stun or kill enemies instead of sneaking around to put the crystals on the consoles would have been a nice alternative to playing hide and seek. “We come in pease. Shoot to kill!” :smiley:

Over all. It’s a great game that unfortunately was released with issues that should have been resolved first. I don’t personally think it’s a $40USD game in its current state but could have been if the resolution and cutsceen stuttering weren’t issues that take away from the great experience the game offers. Some more testing with the puzzles would have been appreciated to keep players from feeling like they are stuck due to a lack of direction. Replayability is high but at the same time, a longer story to give players more content for their money would add significant value to the game. Some optional missions could have been tossed in, like tasks onboard the ship, a date option to the ships version of Ten Forward for the Petty officer and Security officer as a possibility would have been nice touches to add some filler without it feeling like filler.

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I don’t bother review unless is Angry Joe on Youtube! :slight_smile: I love this game! A+! The only problem I don’t like is choppy controller. I rather move my character fighting in FPS. And pushing button a little slower because it not giving me enough time to press the action button. Keep it up!

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I echo the question on whether or not we’ll see a follow story with the crew of the Resolute. Would be interesting to see if decisions from before would be brought over or if things would be left open ended enough (i.e. crew rotations off/on the ship for supporting characters that may or may not survive, or decisions that impact who we end up with as XO) to mitigate potential story conflict. Would love to see where this crew goes in the future.

The writing in the game was solid. This is the first game in a very long while where the story had had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to keep going. I was emotionally vested in the characters, for better or for worse, throughout the entire game. Honestly I can’t say I remember the last time a game did that for me.

Playing through on Xbox, I’d only run into a handful of problmes, most of which were graphical related (primarily white on light color is really hard for me to see when using the tricorder at times).


I’m simply loving this game (as well as being single player-yea multi. could be fun as well but a lot of times can be issues especially adding in PC-I play WarThurnder I usually wait til later in the evenings here in the NE US-just my opi). Hope that they’ll be others in the future-depends if this in a $$$ maker or not I suppose…

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I’m delighted that it’s single player. Though I suppose you could turn it into two player by one person playing as Jara and handing the controller over to someone else for Carter…

Anyway, it’s been a lovely fresh of breath air. I do my daily stuff on STO every night before bed, and doing it while playing Resurgence has been a real wake-up call, so to speak. There’s always some event running for some “epic” piece of equipment, and you usually have to team up with other random players for a fifteen min or so mission to get the daily progress. Well, three times this week I randomly ended up with players with super duper suped up ships that zoom around the map and can kill all the enemies in 0.63 seconds. It just really pissed me off and made me resent the game. What’s the point of the rest of us playing if someone just insists on doing the whole mission themselves? Just to show off how super fast and powerful their ship is.

I’ve been playing the Prodigy game as well recently, and that’s been quite refreshing too, and it’s a two-player game if you’re into that sort of thing (or you can do it solo and switch between Gwyn and Dal whenever). So having these two games more or less right on top of one another has been just wonderful and a blessing. I love STO and they did a lot to keep the franchise flame alive in between the end of ENT and the current era of television. But I support these games on day one because I want to show Paramount that there is an appetite for solo or two player ST games, and not just MMORPG like STO.


This is one of the best Star Trek videogame adaptions since Voyager: Elite Force
and Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. I posted another thread to suggest the developers in making the next sequel into an Adventure/RPG hybrid. You can add the Quick Time Events in the main cutscenes and keep the entire game in third person perspective with gameplay similar to Rise of Tomb Raider with a variety of weapons but in a Sci-Fi tone of voice. This can improve combat fights and add reticles around the enemies instead of the highlighted arrow tags, to identify targets.

I would like to see some more Shuttle missions in third-person view and include a hollow deck of the Resolute, so players can view a tour of the entire ship and use it for training purposes.

It would also be nice if it includes co-op mode multiplayer where you can fight alongside your partner in special operations. This game gets an 8 out of 10 in my book.

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Most important is: Was it a financial succes? If yes, there should be no double of making another game. Would be nice if some of the devs could tell yes or no


Yes, I agree.

The developers need to be vocal to this community that is developing here.

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I still want more to this game. We need some more after the main story content. Even if it’s just casual style exploration missions, diplomatic, or patrols.


Hi everyone. Thanks for all the great words. We see your feedback and hear your desire for a second part. We would also like to work on a second part, but we need you for that. Show the game to your friends and keep spreading the love for the game.
We are delighted to see how the community is growing every day <3


Hi if you liked this then you may like the one i come across its still in the process of being made but hes got a small taster demo so not all functions work its called starship simulator type that in to utube and you see what it looks like you can pick your rank captain security medical engineer you had your own room on the starship you be able to do away Missons if you like star trek resurgence then i think you will love this