Playing via Story Mode and Dynamic Labs Support

Well, still would like to see a “Story Mode Setting” that makes POV shoot-outs something to view rather than a blockade, fairly sure that’s not going to happen, which means I’m equally sure that viewing a YouTube walk-through will be how I experience any future releases, albeit at the expense of losing the really worthwhile plot choices, puzzles and interactivity. Dynamic Labs is in the unenviable position of trying to be all things to all players.

I for one am towards the the end of the game, with Diaz stuck in the TLok ship trying distract the guards, and quite simply bored with having to repeat the thing ad nausea. I literally found myself before this scene dreading the inevitable loss of the “choice” game and having to wade through yet another shooter blockade. Just not in it for the physical reflex play. And those irritating “get the thingy into the circle while the outline is redrawn and retreats” as a poor excuse for deciphering something? Give us a puzzle!

I’ve written to Dynamic Labs a couple of times trying to get a definition of “Story Mode”, which they advertise(?) as a character shield of some kind(?), but which, in spite of the little blue “communicator-shaped blue shield” in the lower right of the screen, still culminates in a blockade with that Continue in Story Mode selection. For whatever reason, Dynamic Labs has decided not to answer, much less qualify an answer or offer a work around.

So there we have it. Idea A+, Story A+, Plot Choices A+, interaction with characters and Tech, A+, so called Story Mode F, game blockades while in Story Mode, F-. While the blockades may make for exciting game play for gamers who love POV shooters and quick reflex tests, for those of us who are simply along for the experience of plot choice and interaction, its a major fail. And how about those who simply don’t have the physical abilities for quick reflexes? Forget them, right?

There is a market here. You build it, we’ll come. You keep the blockades and an ineffectual Story Mode, and we’re done. And that is a sad result.