PC or PS4 Pro for the best experience?

I have a gaming PC (RTX 4070) and a PS4 Pro. I prefer PC, but I understand there are some technical issues right now. I can live with 1080/30fps, but I’m sensitive to stutters and I’ve heard of some crashing. I heard there may be shader compilation stutter on PC, which PS4 Pro usually doesn’t have since everything is precompiled for that hardware.

Does the PS4 Pro provide a smoother experience? Or should I wait for a PC patch? If there’s anything in the works to precompile shaders on PC, that would be a huge plus.

I got it on PC after the patch released. I tried to delete this post but I can’t find any way to remove it.

I have it on PS4 Pro and PS5.
Although the game itself is amazing, the graphics are rather glitchy on both systems to the point where I thought it was because maybe it was ported from PC/Xbox and didn’t port very well.