Patch coming soon?

First, thank you to the devs.
This is the only good Star Trek game to come out since 2003 in my opinion.
So beautifully done.
The music, the story, the atmosphere…

However it is hard to play with the current graphics settings its very choppy.
The controls need some work too ie mouse sensitivity, escape key nonsense, perhaps a manual save…
I’m looking forward to the perfecting of this masterpiece!


Before I start a new thread, wanted to ask if there were any updates or a patch ETA? Still (im?)patiently waiting to get to play this great-looking game. Thanks! :vulcan_salute:

I’m still waiting to play this game because I need the patch to include a very basic invery y axis option. Still irks me this wasn’t part of the initial release. It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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I’m honestly amazed that we are STILL waiting for this patch. It really feels like we are an afterthought.


Yeah it’s been five days since the last Twitter update, and I haven’t seen any updates anywhere else. I still don’t want to return this game, but my resolve is starting to waver.

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I’m surprised this first patch is taking so long as well.


this frustration could easily be avoided if they have just tested the game properly before release.

I can only agree with you 100%. If you have a 21:9 4K monitor and have to play in 1080P, it’s not exactly satisfying. Especially because it’s the Unreal Engine and not a custom one. What is also missing is a proper save feature, things that even “A Final Unity” had… more than 30 years ago.

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It’s a great Star Trek game but I still find it shocking that there are some game bugs that were not fixed before it was released.

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