My opinion about Resurgens for the developers

Good afternoon Dramatic Labs folks, I recently purchased Resurgence for Xbox and as a long time Star Trek fan and gamer, I’m here to let you know my opinion on your game.

Resurgence is a true Trek game, there’s no denying that. The story seems to be taken from one of the best episodes of TNG, DS9 or VOY and the choices to be made are very appropriate. The music, the characters, the camera shots, the action scenes and the techno bubbles make you feel right at home. In short, it is every fan’s dream. However, there are some problems, apart from some graphic glitches and crackling audio issues, there is no possibility of reviewing choices and statistics from inside the game itself, there is no division of the episodes into chapters that can be loaded at your will, there are no real consequences in case the choices are not made in right time, istead time freezes until you press a button (which cancels the tension of the choice itself).

In any case, I hope that your work pays off and that you can develop another one.

PS. if one day you decide to localize the game in Italian language, I could help you with the localisation of glossary terms and other elements related to the official Italian versions of the various Star Trek products.

Best regards


If you’re a star trek fan you love starship simulator check out their u tube channel starship simulator shows the game being made looking awesome