"My Choices" inconsistent with in-game statuses (Spoilers)

Finished the game tonight, absolutely loved it. But going over my choices on the site, there’s a few oddities in there. There’s no text for Spock’s box. Also, Spock and Westbrook are both in the red, but none of my Spock-related choices have in-game have led me to red or yellow marked choices. Bedrosian also seems to be okay with me despite whatever horrors I put her through, and all our… disagreements.

In-game, everyone’s statuses seem to line up correctly. Spock and Westbrook are grinning, etc.


Hi there, thanks for taking your time to report these problems.

I haven’t dug in it yet but this is what I can say right now.

The Spock box having no text is an error for sure, I believe many other people are experiencing it and they don’t report or haven’t noticed it yet.

The discrepancies between the site’s relationships statuses and the in-game menu relationships once you have finished the game can sometimes be ok. I will explain myself.

That’s because currently, only the site shows the final relationships statuses… I mean once you have finished the game, you are not able to see the relationship menu again… You just go to credits.
So you may have done something that changes relationships on the last minute (or chapter) and you may just notice that in the site.

Also the site features, for certain characters, like Spock for e.g., a special and longer recount of the relationship through the game.

All that said we will check the missing text, and review if the relationship color changes you are saying you saw are backed by a corresponding in game fact.

Thank you again, will come back soon.

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Hi there…

we 've rolled out a new version of the account website fixing the “no-text” for spock’s final feedback.

also, we discovered that under some situations happy and sad images were being switched, and we fixed that too.

we will keep working on some more details during the next couple of weeks, we just wanted to address this asap.

thanks for reporting, I think your problem was solved with this so I am marking my post as solution, feel free to keep posting if you think it’s not.