Mine mission lag - Spolier

Anyone running into lag/frame rate issues during the mine escape? When I’m in the mine I notice some lag. Once I start my escape, it becomes more noticeable until the mine vehicles breaks free and it gets really bad. Super choppy during the tractor beam sequence, settles for a moment when it cuts to the Resolute and back to choppy until the Diaz portion. It even crashed the game the first time. This was not an enjoyable part of the game and I really don’t appreciate being a beta player for this game.

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I didn’t have any issues with the mining facility, Having the RTX 3080, 64 GB RAM. Maybe you can provide the hardware you are using to help them localize the issue.

My setup is
Windows 11
AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT

I only noticed fps drop in the beam where all the rocks goes up, other than that my game runs pretty smooth and stable

Rtx 3070 ti here

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