Just completed the game on PS4, Wow!

First off, to everyone who was involved with the creation of this game. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you have my unequivocal gratitude. This game was something else, a love letter to Roddenberry Trek, before the reboots and Kurtzman. Back when Starfleet officers faced moral questions and strived to be the best of humanity. This took me back 20 years to a place and feeling I thought I’d lost since the advent of nu-trek. Even as the credits were rolling, I knew I would be replaying this game again soon and trying my best to make better choices for the characters in game.

I really hope you every success in the future, I know it’s foolish to hope, but one can dream that someday there might be a sequel to this awesome game.


Yes. My feelings exactly! For me this felt like a multi-episode story of the first series to a new Star trek TV series.

The characters were so well done, that they felt as good as the characters of “Roddenberry Trek” of the previous TV series.

Like you, I just hope there will be a sequel in the works. My preference would be to have a series of different story missions that would take around 2 hours each, with at least 6 stories in the game.

Unfortunately the developers are being silent regarding a possible sequel or any more Star Trek games in the future.