Just beat the game, and I'm in awe (minor spoilers)

What an amazing experience. Resurgence is everything I wanted from a Star Trek game. I grew up watching TNG, DS9 and Voyager, and Resurgence feels right at home with the tone and themes of those shows. The creators clearly have love and a deep understanding for the material, and it shines through brilliantly. It really feels like a game that was made just for me. From more minor Trek tropes (like someone talking technobabble and then explaining it with a metaphor) to bigger stuff. (so much of the plot being built upon a season 1 TNG episode)

Needless to say I hope the game is a big success and we get sequels in the future. I bought the game for full price and could not be happier with my purchase. (some technical issues notwithstanding)

Anyway I just had to get that off my chest and gush about the game. I hope the devs are very proud of what they made.


I also had a lot of fun and wanted to gush about the game. I mean sure, there are a lot of issues like the comically clunky phaser battles, weird choices on mechanics, and sporadically dodgy visuals yet, despite all that jankiness, the writing carried it to where I just had a blast. It all felt very true to the series, Spock and Riker were fun surprises, and I really loved Jara Rydek as a character. Is it a perfect game? Well, no but I loved it nonetheless as the team put its limited resources where it mattered most - the writers. So good job, Dramatic Labs team. Count me in on any new Trek games from you all.



Definitely a great and enjoyable story. The gameplay had its clunky moments (the phaser battles and some of the QTEs with the mouse were cumbersome), but Resurgence evoked a serious “Final Unity” vibe in both giving a cerebral and emotional challenge throughout.

I was frankly disappointed with the Captain’s character, as there were several questionable red flags that were indefensible. But the other crew and moral decisions were well portrayed, and definitely gave some hard choices to deal with.

Im glad they fixed the initial bugs and especially the Esc menu fiasco, as that precluded my playing when it first released. Very hopeful to see a sequel, as the writing and quality were excellent