Is the PS5 version meanwhile bugfree?

Is the PS5 version meanwhile bugfree?
What are the current limitations and remaining bugs, please.

Cheers Homer

bump, please anyone with a ps5 like tho chime in here?

OK, I simply bought the game.
So far no crashes or bugs, but the overall Graphic Quality is umm, stutter, antialiasing but great vibrant colors.
I wish the game would be more like Jedi Fallen Order etc… It gets kind of boring to just listen 90% of the game to dialogs and then after listening we can just press one button to get the next never ending dialog. :slight_smile:

I cannot find any PS5 version in the PSN store. Did you buy it on disc?

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There is no PS5 version. It’s just a PS4 game you can play on PS5. There’s also sadly no physical release, just avaliable digitally.