Inconsistent dialogue results

First up, let me say that, knowing something about Unreal Engine and having fixed most of the technical and FPS issues with a custom .ini file, I’m enjoying the game… enough to still want to play after accidentally hitting ‘Esc’ on the pause menu 30 minutes past a save point.

I’m sure those problems will be fixed eventually, but… more annoying to me are inconsistent or nonsensical results from your chosen dialogue options. Quite often the text about the character’s attitude change sounds positive, but this does not correspond to the attitude icon which appears grey or red, and sometimes not to the portrait expression either. Furthermore, the portrait seems only to reflect the most recent change in attitude. This makes it difficult to assess the characters’ overall attitudes to Jara when the story demands it.

Furthermore, a few of the attitude changes just make no sense and seem to be down to bad writing.

For example: -spoilers-

Your initial conversation with Solano allows you to agree to tell him the truth in private, but support his decisions.

Yet if you challenge him in private about not informing Starfleet, but support him in front of the senior staff, there’s a negative reaction and he thinks you are ‘vacillating.’

Even if you pick the option that appears to defuse the situation by -delaying- telling Starfleet, which lines up with what Jara just told Solano about not doing so ‘for now’ - you get the same negative response.

It’s these inconsistencies that I’m finding pretty frustrating, and I hope they will be addressed in the patch as well as the obvious technical issues.

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