Honest Thougts After Multiple Playthroughs on Different Xbox Consoles

Having played through the game on three different Xbox platforms (SeriesX, OneX, and original Xbox One), figured it’d be worth sharing general thoughts and experiences I had.

First out of the gate, I want to establish how playing on multiple consoles more or less came about. I’ve primarly played through on the SeriesX as that’s my main platform. I’ve bounced back and forth between the SeriesX and the OneX I own a decent bit, and while I was visiting with family, I played though the game on the original Xbox One at their place.

Now on to the actual meat. Going to break this down based on console before diving into general feedback.

XBOX Series X
This has been the platform that I’ve had the best experience on. Game play for the most part has been smooth outside of the things that people have noted over the last good bit. I’ve had relativly few audio problems, though the ones I’ve run into were always in the same spots. I’m kicking myself in the butt for not actually taking clips of this to have for record to submit. Maybe when I get around to doing another playthrough, I’ll remember to actually do that this time. Graphics were good but not on the same level of some of the other titles I’ve played that released this year. Generally a gorgeous game, and some of my favorite screenshots are posted up in the “Share Your Screenshots” thread. Never really noticed if there were any frame rate drops in cutscenes.

My biggest gripe on the Series X I think would honestly be the discontinuity I encountered with captions and spoken dialogue. There were several instances (again, kicking myself for not grabbing clips of this to have for record) I ran into where these didn’t really match up too well. I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure if this was addressed in the recent patch or not, as I don’t remember off the top of my head was was addressed. I’d played through on the SeriesX before the patch was released. There’s a few other gripes I have, but I’ll address that down below under “General” as what I have to say is common to all three platforms.

I’ll be frank, this is the platform that I have the least amount of time on with the game. In general, my experience with the OneX has more or less been on par with that of the SeriesX, with the major exception being things take a little bit longer to load, which I expect when comparing with the SeriesX. I’ve run into a few more instances of audio problems on the OneX but over all nothing major to really chime in on that I’ve seen.

Xbox One
This was by far the platform where I saw the most problems. Lot of garbled audio. Lot of frame rate drop outs in cut scenes. While I understand the hardware differences between the original Xbox One, Xbox OneX, and Xbox SeriesX, I’d not have figured performace would have been that different beyond what I’m used to seeing between the three (longer load times and lower end graphics).

If it wasn’t for having already done two compelete playthroughs and very much enjoying the story and writing, I’d honestly say on the original Xbox One, the game is borderline unplayable. The frame rate drop outs in cutscenes were a bit brutal at times. Audio cutting in and out got to be more than a little distracting and got to the point where I was wanting to step away to do something else.

Everything combined, it was a little hard to want to go back and play through things on the original Xbox One after having played through on the SeriesX.

Overall, well sans on the original Xbox One, my experience with the game was solid and positive. It’s been a while since I’ve had a title make me want to sit down and play through multiple times back to back and also play through in one sitting (sorry Hogwarts Legacy, you don’t win this one for me, lol). I’ve throuroughly enjoyed the writting in both the prequel comics and the game. Environmentally, the game is gorgeous (another shamless plug the the “Share Your Screenshots” thread) and is one I’d love to see a “free roam” mode to explore more of the game universe and environment like others have echoed.

My single, biggest gripe is probably with the tricorder. Not a huge fan of the white recticle on light colored backgrounds. I have problems, in general, distinguishing white on light or vice versa, so trying to see what’s being scanned on something lighter in color is a bit of a pain at times for me.