Game Using Mouse and Keyboard Fix and Bugs

In order to use the Mouse and Keyboard controls in game the player needs to hit enter and choose controls and switch from controller to keyboard. This should be default on PC or at minimum ask the player at the beginning which one they want to use. I found a bug with this is when you exit the game and re-enter the game will default back to controller. So I have to switch back every time, this can be frustrating. Last if you click out of the game screen and then try to switch the controls back to keyboard it will not let you click “Resume”. I have to exit my game re-enter and change it again. Last the controls can’t be switch if there’s a current dialog or control choice up.

when they say the plasma coalested we need to equip a phaser but on the keyboard nothing responds to commands of Y or 1 or 2
Its hopeless to play the game!
They should had better made a game with a better control function for the game!