Game october update


I saw there was a new update on XBOX series S version of the game and i was wondering what the update does. Does anyone here have any idea?

I got an Update 1.04 on PS4 yesterday as well. Shows only “Bug fixes” as release notes. Nut I wonder about the Version, I thought the big update in July had already 1.1?!

Although it was labelled 1.1, it was 1.01. I never experienced a 1.02 or 1.03 update. I haven’t had the 1.04 update either, but I haven’t played the PS4 version since I finished it on release. I just finished the PS5 version, and I did notice a few differences from when I played the PS4 version, so the update must be aligning it with the PS5 release. Some of the differences I noticed:

  1. variation in the dialogue prompts - the dialogue is still the same, but some of the prompts are phrased differently.
  2. Improved environmental lighting.
  3. Dialogue doesn’t get cut off/repeat (although I think that was fixed in the first patch)
  4. Transporter minigame is easier (although I think that was fixed in the first patch)
  5. Most graphical issues have been fixed.