Ensign Calloway

Other than the initial interaction and the second in Engineering. Is there anymore to Ensign Calloway that anyone has found. He’s a meet and forget character for the most part. Kind of felt like we were going to mentor him after the intro to the game. Or is this our hint that he’ll be in future games and we’ll interact with him more?

GAH, the spoiler tags aren’t working for me right now, so I have to be vague. If you play the game in what I call Ultimate Bastard Mode and kill everyone you can (i.e, Tkon vault and the lower decks after the Aphelion beam hit), it can lead to some interesting and shocking consequences…


There are quite a few interactions with him during the course of the story. Mainly as Carter, though.

I’ll have to pay more attention next play through, thanks.

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I only ran into him one time as Rydek, it was just a random passing basically. And then I THINK a third time after the ship got hit with the bioforming beam.