Crackling Audio

Ok I updated my earlier list. If you need more, feel free to ask

The crackling disappears if I DO NOT use my bluetooth headphones but instead the speakers connected to my monitor (HDMI).


@twocheeseburgerswith You are right!

I am also using bluetooth headphones and have the crackling voices.
After reading your post I switched to my monitor built-in speakers and the voices are fine.

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Yeah, it might be a Bluetooth issue. For me, I’m using hyperx cloud II in a headphone jack with no issue. Another game, I play wasn’t playing right with a USB connection, and was not hearing any sound at all. Like my USB device to turn on surround mode was broken or the game flat didn’t like it. Never could figure it out.

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Same here. I also use a bluetooth headset. So there is a chance that the bluetooth is the source of the problem.

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Hi everyone! I have a new request from the team about this issue. Please run a DirectX Diagnostic and send the log to

For those unfamiliar, you can run “dxdiag.exe,” which will display the relevant information. Then please click on “Save All Information” and send the output to the above address.

We appreciate anyone who takes the time to do this! Thanks, and Live Long and Prosper!

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Okay, I sent it via mail. I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Had the same problem (and the crash on returning to the main menu).
And yes, I am using a BT-Headset.
Both issues were resolved by simply starting the game with the headset off. I waited for the main menu to load and switched my headset on. Then I tabbed out and switiched the windows sound output to my headset. Dialog was fine and no crash on returning to the main menu (both issues seem to be related). The issues continued to persist, when turning my headset on first, but I was able to reproduce this workaround several times and it worked every time… hope it helps.


Some more testing: My bluetooth headphones (sony wh-1000xm4) can alternatively be connected via a standard headphone jack. If I use the jack there is no crackling. In my case the crackling is caused by the bluetooth connection.

This workaround is good enough for me and I’ll finally start playing the game now.

I can confirm that this workaround works for me as well.

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This worked for me too. Thank You very much!

Same problem.
Windows 10.

I have the digital ps4 version, and I have noticed that the dialogue seems to be glitched.
Some characters repeat the first lines of dialogue and the last word or two seem to get cut off.
I have tried the game on both an external hard drive but I also installed the game on the internal hard drive and it has done the same thing on both.
I have also noticed that at times there is a little pause before the dialogue glitches out as well

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I get the same issues :frowning:

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Having the same issue.

11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900KF @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz
32.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeoForce RTX 4070 Ti
ASUS motherboard
Using Razer Nari Ultimate headset for audio.

I found changing the format under the sound properties fixed the stuttering dialogue for me.

Logs emailedover along with a summary of what worked for me to ‘work around’ the issue!

In short, I was using Logitech G733s before, which aren’t truly Bluetooth but are indeed wireless. I had no audio enhancements on in my sound settings, and the bitrate of my audio was unchanged. I switched to a pair of headphones plugging direct into a 3.5mm jack in my PC, and the voice stuttering issue went away! No issues since then.

@jdstrawesome, @HokutoLucas: I would not exclude the Epic SDK or the Shader Cache as a source of the audio crackling issue. I have the same audio crackling on Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection purchased via Epic Store, but only as long as the Shader Cache is building up. After that it works. Maybe that helps.

But I think people here are talking about two different issues:

  1. Periodic Repeated Audio Crackling
  2. Chopped off beginnings and endings of dialog lines and timing issues

The second issue might or might not be related to the first one.
Strangely I didn’t notice it in the first playthrough - only since I started the second playthrough.

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I also have this issue on the PS4. Sometimes dialogues are cut off or the beginning of the sentence is repeated. Hopefully they will release a patch to fix this issue soon.

I’m using Windows 11 Pro no issues with music or voice that I experienced. Where your computer is if you have carpeting consider moving the wiring off the carpeting. Static electricity can cause issues, just a suggestion. Other than that the typical stuff make sure all the hardware drivers are up to date, video drives, windows, etc…

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