Combat gameplay feels unhinged!

This is my feedback. I love Star Trek: Resurgence and noticed the game takes ideas from Mass Effect and Detroit: Become Human, with the moral choices and interactive gameplay but my big issue is the combat.

For example, in areas like the Drill vehicle and on the Hover Trampcar (seen later in the game), the controls are hard to operate when shooting down your enemies and the flashing arrow towards the right and left sides is annoying. The rolling flip is unnecessary. You can simplify it by tapping the “Letter A” on your Xbox Gamepad, in order for your character to move over to another direction or just improve the combat.

Mass Effect 2, compared to the original game had improvements. It feels like a shooter and you can take cover on objects. Maybe the sequel to Resuregcne can use the same combat gameplay? You can melee your enemies with your Phaser and give orders to your squadmates.

Don’t get me wrong, Star Trek: Resurgence is the best Trek adaptation game since Voyager: Elite Force and DS9: The Fallen but the combat needs improvement in the next sequel.

I agree there’s several times enemies are completely out of targeting movement of your character. When your on the hover vehicles at the end of the sequence the drive who you’re supposed to shoot get hidden behind a metal beam and the vehicle stops moving. Making it sometimes very difficult to complete the chase sequence.

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The developers have to improve the combat controls and I don’t like the flashing arrows on the sides. It’s hard to hit enemies. Maybe they can learn from Gears of War and Resident Evil 4 where you can tap a button to take cover and you can use your trigger to hit your targets. Another thing I wish the game allows users to switch weapons.

Look at DS9: The Fallen, for inspiration. I think the Tricorder works better in the third person and keep the visor screen on the top left, just like in that game.