Can I be 1 person the whole game?

From what I see you have to make decisions for multiple characters…I’d prefer to be just one character the whole game.

Is this how it is?

Yes, you alternate between two characters across the game.

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Uuugghh… that’s so disappointing! In fact its a deal breaker for me…Switching characters ruins the immersion.

Don’t let it be. It’s done really well.
One character is definitely more of an emotional draw to their journey. The other character is very different as you are making more command decisions so have way more to impact on the game.

The game it self to me is probably the best trek in 20 years. If it were a movie top 4 for sure.

The only thing that lets it down is the graphical performance on PlayStation is glitching. I don’t know what the other platform are like.
But it’s the best Star Trek game ever made in my opinion although bridge commander and voyager elite force are very close 2nd and 3rds.

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Yes Ive been playing it anyway and Im blown away!
But I won’t lie…I 'd like it even so much more if you could simply pick your character in the beginning and “live their life”.