Belly of the Beast

Deactivating the emitters in the Kartabula, I have been stuck for 3 weeks. Is there a trick of some kind of trick I’m missing?

Is that the one where you have to stealth your way through three sections of the T’kon ship? As far as I can remember, you get a cut scene to lead you into the next area after you’ve placed the thingy Portal gives you onto their computer consoles. Then at the end, you examine some console and Portal brings a shuttle over to your group.

This is the one. There are 3 to do and I always get killed trying to do number 3. Stumped on how to move on.

Choose “Retry in Story Mode”. Or if you want to do it honest, I went to the front, enganged the console there (a bit to the right), then went back to the start where I came from. And just sprinted directly to destroy the crystal. Got almost caught, but in the end, “almost” is still invisible :sweat_smile: