Audio Bug During Carter's Intro Sequence or Intentional?

During our introduction to Carter you leave the shuttlebay with Nili. You can do a few interactions with crew in the hallway. If you leave the shuttlebay turn right and stop at the T intersection. There’s two crew members working and talking. There’s an option for Carter to interact with them. He says “do you need any help”. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but there’s no audio from the two crew members. Were they supposed to just ignore him or is this a bug?

Side topic is there a way to be on time for Chovak? Like if you leave the shuttlebay and don’t do anything else? There’s also a door where your Carter says I don’t need anything from the maintenance bay has anyone found a use for that in the game? Can we actually go in if we do certain choices?

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I never spoke to the crewmembers in the hall so I don’t know about that, but I can confirm that you can’t avoid being ‘almost late’ to engineering. The first playthrough I spent time doing stuff in the shuttlebay, the second playthrough I went directly to engineering with Nili. In both cases it is the same.

I talked to those crewman last night, and I think it’s on purpose that they don’t reply back to him. Must be some lower decks rivalry going on in between engineering crews!

I liked the interaction with the guy testing the Transporter in the Cargo Bay. Another crew member steps on to the pad when you energize it, beaming him to the transporter on the other side of the Cargo Bay.


Yeah the guy getting beamed from transporter pad to transporter pad really made my day. It set the mood of the whole game for me.

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That was the funniest part of the game; made me laugh out loud. :laughing:

Yeah, that is what happens when lower decks guys mess up and try to hide it from brass. So totally relatable.