Annoying Keybind choices

Making progress on the first few encounters with people in the game. Prompted to hit enter to view the relationships with crew (nice touch). Then when I (naturally) hit escape to exit the view it erased my progress and sent me to main menu. :\ Interesting choice, for sure, on that.

Also, would love if we could skip the cutscenes at the start. lol


I was going to complain about the same thing. I accidentally hit escape (subconsciously thinking it’d get me back in the game) not once or twice, but three times. No warning or anything. Just dumps you back on the start screen, having to redo your chapter again (and again and again).

oh hell no, just made a post about not refunding the game due to it being locked to 1080p, giving em a chance… then this stuff happens to me twice lmaoo

nope. seriously, make your game run like any normal game around here in 2023, THEN, you’ll have my money. Thanks

Yeah, we’ll add a confirm on the way back to the main menu.

That’s on us. We should know better.

Developers, sheesh.


Users and keyboard shortcuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Loving the game overall so far!!