After I finished the game

so after I finished the game I want to say:

nice story, great presentation, I want more!

now to my cons
(I played the game with proton on linux, so maybe this is the reason for some problems)

  • please support 60fps
  • german subtitles would be great
  • sometimes the npcs despawn and in the next cutscene they are back in a magical way, this break immersion
  • why my tricorder still beeps after I scanned someting
  • in the “IceVault” I had problems with controls, the player kept moving even after i let go of the gamepad
  • the “mining beam” caused a massive performance drop for me
  • on the way/fight to the computer core (cancel the shutdown) there are many nps that are not animated or with a very late trigger for animation.
  • after I finished the game, it would be nice to be able to have a chapter seletion
  • in the tutorial screens that sometimes appear, you can accidently hit x and not b and then you lost your progress since the last savepoint. maybe there should be a second question if I realy want to leave to main menu.


some tkons survived and because of their knowlege about better technology section31 will destroy the prison camp where they live and kiddnapped some (mostly scientist and engineers)
tylas, she worked there with the survivors, sends a distress call to rydek.
section31 torture the tkons and the gave them the coordinates to another guardian (portal 69)
the resolute followed them. obove portal69 we will have a battle between two section31 ships and the resolute but in the last moments the enterprise-e arrive for help. sadly in this battle the enterprise-e gets heavily damaged because of some kind of mistake by worf. (they will maybe not repair it :wink: )
rydek fight section31 on the planet, there is a dialoque bettween rydek and a section31 guy. his name is nicholas he speaks about his couisin thomas. in the finaly rydek and the capain of one of the section31 ships meet and it is thomas riker! they will have a short fight but then portal69 forces them to stop and they have a long meeting with portal69 after that will work togehter with the federation to find a solution for the last surviving tkons (projet phoenix: extraxt the mind and memories from living and dead bodys, as long as the brain is no damaged to hard and digitize them, to bring them to life on a holodeck or in an adroid) and he tells about a mission in the last years of the tkon empire. many tkon fled to the andromeda galaxy. in the finaly federation and tkon work togehter to brink all survivors and tkon on a tkon ship, destroy the remaining tech und the tkon fly away to the andromeda galaxy.
you can play as rydek and a tkon survivor.

They’ve said there’s no DLC, but hopefully we’ll get a sequel!

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OO Yes please NEED to play more star trek. Keep up the good work!!!

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