Ability To Share "My Choices"

Is there a way to share your my choice screen with others? Seems to be a script, not a unique URL. Crazy wishlist item, a decision tree you could share with others.


There’s not a way of doing that right now.

Not right now…

But very soon… Stay tuned


Yes this would be nice.

My Choices says I both saved and killed a certain character, and that the player percentages for the choice adds up to 138%.

Yeah I have the same thing, I’m guessing a typo or bug. I put a topic for it under site feedback.

Sorry @temp89, I don’t get this part of the percentages adding up 138%
is there any card showing 138% to you?

or is it that two different cards sum 138? do you remember which ones?

if those were the contradictory cards (one says that you saved and the other that you killed the character)… then there was no point on adding them up because one of the two was supposed to have a totally different text.

thanks for your time, and sorry for the inconveniences

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You can find that fixed right now.

Also, take a look at your chosen First Officer stat card… we found an error on how that calculation was being done so you will now find a different value there.



I love the ability to see where my choice stand in relation to the community, but I would really love a way to share my relationship page with other people so they can see some of the major choices. Also, I would love to see a full list of my relationship statuses as they change frequently throughout the game and the final words on each character is NOT the overall stance the NPC and MC actually had throughout the game.

I also find it very odd that I have 90+ percentages on many of the main choices, but none of my relationship percentages go over 27% - most are in the teens. Are the relationships giving me a percentage of people that played and chose the exact same things I did, or are there really that many possible endings for relationships that I will never get more than the highest ratio of the available options? Like my relationship with Chovak is at 9% - does that mean that 81% of people didn’t get Chovak on their side, or that there could be 11 different relationship moods that I’m just in 1 of those to be part of 9% and every other option can also only have 9% of people?

I just took screenshots of my save files here, but it took flipping ages to get it done. Only did it for one save file, have two more to go. Wish they stuck to the old Telltale format and showed you your choices on screen, rather than having to go to the website here and stick in some random code.

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I am happy you announce you can now share your choices and relationships cards on your account site.

Sorry it didn’t make it on time to avoid you taking all those screenshots @USSEnterprise


But early enough that I hadn’t done it yet for the second and third playthroughs! Thank you so much for this! :vulcan_salute:

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