Your PS5 Star Trek: Resurgence Gaming Experience

what is you Star Trek: Resurgence Gaming Experience on the PS5 so far?
Is anything working?
Graphics Quality?

My understanding is that is a smaller studio so we should all bear that in mind.
Resurgence is a PS4 game with no PS5 specific version. The overall video graphics quality is good but not great which so far the story seems to be.
There are numerous bug issues with Audio issues with repeated phrases during dialogue that usually results in the end of the dialogue being cut off. I would recommend turning on subtitles.
The game has some stutters as far as performance where it appears to freeze for a few seconds at odd moments.
It also lacks invert view controls which makes it harder for those who play that way.
I may set this game aside and await a patch because I really like the story and would rather like to experience it without so many bugs.
My IMHO, I think it needed to bake a little longer in development to iron things out. Almost all games come with a Day 1 Patch and this did not as far as I saw and it needs one.
Their looks like a real gem of a Star Trek game here that is really in a rough cut stage.


I’ve had similar small issues to those mentioned elsewhere (dialogue repeating then cutting out at the end, micro-second lag when loading what comes next), but overall nothing major which I would say spoils the experience, and nothing specific to the PS5 running a PS4 game.


Similar issues as mentioned above with audio loss.

Rough Textures as well but overall I’m fine with how the game looks.

In terms of potential improvements i’d like an option to skip through conversations. I accidentally quit to the main menu in error and had to replay a large portion, which was a bit of a drag.

Cursor or some kind of sensitivity options in the controls would be nice.

Also the uniforms are ‘off’ the top quarter of the uniform should be a Purple shade. However they’re Gray. Which isn’t right and for some reason really bugs me :joy:


I think on PS5 the graphics quality & textures are just ok. It’s in no danger of overworking the PS5, or probably a PS4 either.
Can’t say that’s a surprise, given the genre’s expectations. I’m here for story & gameplay, not photo realism.

But the gameplay is engaging & the visuals are nice.
Choppy frame rates making me a bit dizzy.
Subtitles are a must until the repeating dialogue issue is resolved.
Some lack of menu clarity.

Overall it’s a fun game that is currently playable & I expect it’ll get a lot smoother after a patch or two.
I’m enjoying it enough that I’m gonna keep playing & not wait for patches.

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Thank you all for the answers. It would be nice if we would get notified when the bugs have been fixed. Before that, I won’t touch the game.

Keep us posted, please

I fully agee with you.
I’m also not playing anymore because the audio bug is annoying. I want the full story :slight_smile: And subtitles often disappear as well, so that’s no help.

To add to the list of issues:
I experienced once that a trigger point didn’t appear.
At the beginning of the game, you are outside on the hull. You have to shoot the plasma storms (5 min timer) and then you arrive at the access panel. There was no way to open it because the ‘point’ didn’t appear. I had to reload and shoot the storms again and second time it appeared just fine.

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The way the game is structured, you’ll need at least two playthroughs to get all achievements, so there’s no harm in diving in now, then waiting for the patch to do run #2(3,4,5,6…) :grin:.
Just a thought.

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So far I’ve only played 2 hours of the game and it’s been okay. Been hearing double voice lines when it switches camera angles. Sometimes the game characters look stunning and other times it has a fair bit of issues.

I hope a patch will come to fix some of these little issues. Otherwise I’m really enjoying this game.

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There was a moment in the first ship decision where the audio for an individual on the bridge was interrupted and the science officer talked over her that I don’t think was intentional. I’m seeing similar experiences when it comes to audio repeating the first lines and cutting off.

On the main screen when I hit choices and get the option to go online and deep dive into what those options mean, there’s not a back button to go back to the home screen. It seemed to just timeout after a minute and I almost restarted my system to get back to the main screen.

As well as what other people have mentioned I also experienced (just once) an NPC blocking me in a certain location. I walked to a one way exit area and the NPC I was with followed me to the mouth of the opening and stopped. I then tried to walk past them, but I couldn’t. They wouldn’t move aside and I was stuck in this one location, so I had to reload and start the section again. Fortunately it was only a small part that I had to repeat again.