Xbox Achievements Bugged

Is anyone else having issues with the achievement’s? i’ve played this game twice over, and will probably do a third, just to cover my butt as I still have 1 or 2 to unlock, however, the achievements for “Completed act 1” and “completed act 2” never seem to unlock, has this happened for anyone else?

I just noticed this too. I have just left the starbase and no achievements for finishing act 1 has appeared yet. I am running it on the series x. All the other choice based achievements have appeared ok so far.

Interesting that you guys have a different set of achievements to us on PS. Ours aren’t act based, but choice based. Did you follow Westbrook’s advice or Bedrosian’s, that sort of thing.

Yes we have all the choice based ones too, but also ones for completing the acts.

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Yes, I seem to have no problem unlocking everything else, just not those two.

I imagine you’ll just have to wait till a patch comes out to fix that glitch. :-/

+1 to having this problem as well. Hopefully a patch will come out soon to fix these achievements.