What does the timer do?

What does the timer do when you are choosing a response? I have just let it count down on a few choices and as far as I can see it just makes the screen go grey, and you can still make whatever choice you want. Does it make a difference later on in the game, like choose a response for you? (No spoilers please!!!).


I let it go to zero a few times, and the screen just went grey. Wonder myself if it’s a glitch, these kind of games sort of pride themselves on giving you limited times to make awkward decisions.

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It has to be a bug hasn’t it? Otherwise it doesn’t serve any purpose other than turning the screen grey! How odd!

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My observation is, when the timer runs out, then your decision does not have positive impact on the participants or observers of the conversation any more.


Ahhh, like when it shows the green outline on their little portrait in the top left corner? That would make sense, thanks for the explanation Oetkar :slight_smile:

Cela dépend des situations je pense.

I was wondering if the timer did anything. Like if you let it run out you failed the transport and someone dies or something else goes worse for your characters. From the responses here it looks like it gets ride of the positive outcome in relationship possibility. Oh well maybe next game it will affect the story arc.

Is that 100% confirmed? that means I missed out on some

EDIT: Well I just tried it on a new save with the shuttle incident(beginning of the game) It doesn’t matter, I let it run out with Galloway, and it still gave me green outline.

EDIT 2: I just tried it again late game and let it run out, but still getting green outline with the correct/best anwser


Thanks for trying (I can’t yet as I’m waiting for the patch to run through the whole game!). Back to square one then I guess! What does it do??!